Justin Cloyd
Justin Cloyd
Position: Copy Editor
2013 - 2013
Email: justin@cheatcc.com
Twitter: @JustinCloyd8
Favorites: Anything by BioWare, Final Fantasy XII (don’t even start with me), and both the Nintendo 64 Legend of Zelda games.
My favorite Bio? Ware. Hands down. BioShock and Bio-Dome come in a close second and a distant third respectively. Also, I’m 25 years old and am a graduate of the University of Kentucky. The Nintendo was my first video game console and I’m pretty sure Mario is the only game I beat on it. I spent most of my time on the Nintendo wrecking the Ghostbusters’ van. Interesting fact: It took me three summers to beat Final Fantasy 7 because of a memory card mishap. I only beat it after buying it for the computer.


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