Jason Messer
Jason Messer
Position: Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
2013 - Present
Email: jasonmesser@cheatcc.com
Twitter: @cheatcc
Favorites: Retro/classics and just about anything with the word “bit” in the description, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario 64 (possibly the greatest game ever), Halo CE, Alien vs. Predator (circa ’99), Need for Speed and Batman: Arkham City…just to name a few.
After covering nearly every facet of the industry as contributing writer (while also assisting behind the scenes), Jason was asked to take over as Editor-in-Chief in 2015. In addition to ensuring the day-to-day operations run smoothly, he’s always looking for new ways to expand CheatCC’s creative content and social media influence. His goal is to keep Cheat Code Central ranked as the #1 independent video game site in the world! On an unrelated noted, when asked “...are you the Batman,” Jason suddenly disappears into a cloud of smoke.


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