Austin Wood
Austin Wood
Position: Social Media Manager
2013 - 2013
Twitter: @fanofrootbeer
Favorites: RPG, Platformer, Hack-and-Slash, Puzzle, Horror, My favorite game of all time is Valkyria Chronicles
You’ll usually find Austin Wood hiding away in his room continuing his life-long gaming escapades and trying desperately to escape the heat of the southeast United States. More often than not, he’ll be waging a two-front war between RPG tactics and his own perfectionism, but he also fills his long nights with hack-and-slash combo fests, anything with a hint of puzzle, and gaming’s endangered species, the platformer. Currently studying Journalism and Citizen Media under the banner of a Communications Major at Kennesaw State University, Austin is immensely grateful to Cheat Code Central for kick-starting his career as a gaming journalist. Oh, and don’t mention anime around him, because he’ll never stop rambling.


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