Derek Heemsbergen
This Contributor is no longer active with Cheat Code Central.
Derek Heemsbergen
Position: Contributing Writer
2016 - 2017
Twitter: @EmbryonX
Favorites: RPGs, Retro, Visual Novels, Action-Adventure, Fighting, everything Falcom
A connoisseur of all things RPG, Derek has been writing about video games professionally since 2010. His educational background in linguistics and Japanese coalesced to form a fascination with game localization, a field he recently started working in after publishing research on the topic. He has a deep and abiding love for Japanese developer Nihon Falcom, and his heart is prone to go pitter-patter at the sound of the word "Ys." Aside from his kinda-sorta-almost-all-consuming love of gaming, Derek enjoys staying active, improving his mediocre cooking skills, drinking too much coffee, and covering his body in geeky tattoos. He lives with his partner in Arizona and seeks to expand his family by once again welcoming several ferrets into the fold.


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