Lucas White
This Contributor is no longer active with Cheat Code Central.
Lucas White
Position: Writing Team Lead
2017 - 2020
Twitter: @HokutoNoRucas
Favorites: Dragon Quest (all of them, but especially IX), Donkey Kong Country 2, anything with "Warriors" in the title, Shin Megami Tensei IV and Mega Man Legacy Collection. Yes, that last one is cheating, and I'm not sorry. Slap "Mystery Dungeon" at the end of a popular franchise and I'm there too. I also collect old wrestling games.
Lucas slipped on a banana peel, fell into games writing in 2010, and has been comically tumbling down the online media staircase ever since. If you would like to be his friend, talk to him about Musou, Dragon Quest, or anything that can run on a Retron 5. Catch him on Twitter and be ready for endless wrestling takes.
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